About Us

Here at My Candy, we offer you a completely personalised experience in creating an amazing sweet stall for any event or occasion. With our extensive knowledge of confectionery, and our friendly approach, we are able to put together the perfect stall for you.

Bespoke Designs

Our main aim is to work with you to create the stall that you want, as we like the cart to blend into your event. That’s why we offer a completely open approach to the design, making sure it is exactly what you’re looking for.

Staff on Hand

At your event, we always like to have a member of the team present to make sure that everything is clean and tidy. This helps to add a more personal touch, with someone there to answer any questions about the products on display. Our team are always happy to help your guests with their choices, and that’s why we place emphasis on building a relationship with each person who uses the stall.

Perfect For You

At My Candy, we feel that our stall is a reflection on the event you have planned, and we want to match the efforts you have made. That’s why we create only the very best for you.

I'm a Big Kid at Heart

I enjoy taking people back to their good memories and see them relax and enjoy the moment and their childhood sweets. I love creating a beautiful display for everyone to enjoy, sweets are not just for kids, but for grown ups too

Get in touch with us, in Hayes, Middlesex, for further information about our sweet carts.